Welcome to my world

Hi, my name is Jennene Bartlem. I was born in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

Since I was a little girl, I have had a fascination with faces and features and especially eyes. In my free time growing up I was always sketching in lead and coloured pencil, family, friends, pets, teachers, and people in magazines.

I learnt to paint in oils at the age of 12 from a local artist, Harry Racine. I sold my first commission oil painting of a Bride and Groom at the age of 13. By 16, I had won local prizes in the Mackay District Annual shows and The Annie Turner Encouragement Award Artist and Art.

Over the years i have continued to paint portraits, pets, flowers, and landscapes.

I have recently branched into copying artwork by famous artists in history as it gives me an insight into their world and makes me feel like I've had a great teacher standing with me. It also gives you an opportunity to own an original oil of your favourite painting, instead of a print of the original..

As my passion is people, I also feel strongly against abuse in relationships towards women. This has inspired me to paint a collection of feminist art, in the hope that those women out there can identify with it and know they are not alone.

Jennene Bartlem